Fuck Jazzsteppa Vol.1 press release

Fuck Jazzsteppa Vol.1
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Fuck Jazzsteppa Vol. 1 is a new digital release compiled by Jazzsteppa Collective.

The compilation includes Borgore's “Guided Relaxation Dub” (which has drummed up over 1,000,000 views on youtube), new tunes from london Fave Tomb Crew, German sound fanatics Phokus & Mr. Boogie and upcoming russian producer Saint Rider. Also a lil surprise from Jazzsteppa themselves.

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Borgore - “Guided Relaxation Dub”

Controversial Brostep/Gorestep pioneer Borgore’s sensational track “Guided Relaxation Dub” has already racked up close to a million views on YouTube. Hailing from Tel Aviv, the young producer’s surgical FX-work and rapturous basslines represent the cutting edge of the upfront sound.

Phokus & Mr Boogie - “Whalaan”

Hamburg-based producer Phokus triangulates the diverse nodes of his eclectic musical background – grime, jungle, drum ‘n’ bass and punk – and the results are never less than scintillating. “Whalaan” raises the bar yet again with its slinky suffusion of dub, jungle breaks and uplifted reggae vocal loops.

Jazzsteppa - “Chauchesko”

“Chauchesko” marks a departure from the peace-and-love fusion of roots and dub that the live dubstep collective have become known for. Here they cut narcotised beats and spectral samples with filthy, driving percussion – a taste of the future of the Jazzsteppa sound.

Tomb Crew - “Dungeon Town”

London favourites Tomb Crew’s “Dungeon Town” is an irresistibly buoyant dancefloor track, all neon laser-synths and stuttering liquid bass. As Dazed & Confused remark, Tomb Crew ‘work hard at making the girlies dance.. and do it damn proper.’

Saint Rider - “Don’t You Feel It“

Fuck Jazzsteppa Vol. 1 introduces virtual unknown Saint Rider who until now has been producing music to please his peers in his native Moscow. “Don’t You Feel It” is typical of his super-hyped style: an in-your-face anthem that solders 90s rave melodics to testosterone-jacked beats and demonic breaks.

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